We can't do what we do at the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition without your support. There are tons of ways you can get involved and stay active in our fight for clean water. Whether you are calling your senator, or talking with your neighbors, your voice is the most important part of this issue.

The FVCWC has assembled a petition to get the attention of our state and national representatives. We want expanded regulations on PFAS from the small specified area to the entire state of Colorado. To sign the petition attend one of our community meetings or look for volunteers who will be distributing it throughout the Fountain Valley. To read and sign the online petition, click the link above.

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Staying active in the democratic process and voting for policymakers that support clean water is a huge first step. You can learn more about how various candidates stand on the issues here. To register to vote, click the link above.


Contact your Representative

If you live in the Fountain Valley there are a number of representatives you can contact to ensure this issue doesn't go unnoticed.

Doug Lamborn's Office

Michael Bennet's Office

Cory Gardner's Office

Colorado Governor Jared Polis


The FVCWC meets regularly. Attend one of our community meetings to learn more and voice your concerns.


Whether it's a conversation in passing or a longer discussion, talking with those who live around you is a great way to stay active in the fight for clean water. If you attend a FVCWC community meeting, remember to grab a poster that you can put in your home or business. Alternatively, you can download and print your own poster here.


The Sierra Club hosts monthly opportunities to participate in water monitoring projects in the Fountain Valley area. To find out more, click the link above.